Brew for Thought: Revolution’s Coup D’Etat

I remember when I found out that Spotted Cow was a French farmhouse ale. It seemed so strange that the beer that defined Wisconsin could have such a fancy name and story behind it. Wisconsinites, and Midwesterners in general, are honest and straightforward, why would they ever bother with a farmhouse ale with a cartoon cow on it?

But the minds behind New Glarus were on to something. Perhaps Wisconsin’s beer drinkers, all 5 million of them, are more discerning than they let on? Perhaps beer drinkers everywhere are more discerning than they’ve let on?

Enter Revolution Brewing. The Logan Square brewpub pours suds for the informed masses, and happily feeds them too. Head brewer Jim Cibak has spent over fifteen years working  at different Midwest beer fixtures like Three Floyds and Goose Island, and all of that history can be tasted in the rotating tap list.

It’s tough to pin down the tastes of Cibak and what he wants to offer at Revolution besides damn good beer. Today the focus is on the Coup D’Etat, tomorrow it could be on the Pablo Picasso, but is that really such a bad thing? Beer is a good thing, and we really can’t have too much of that good thing.

The Coup D’etat, like Spotted Cow, is another French style beer. It’s more curvy and precisely sculpted than it’s Badger State brethren. The saison pours a cloudy orange, with a spiciness related to the unfiltered goodness. It’s refreshing and interested, asserting but not cloying. A coup d’etat of the tastebuds.

Best enjoyed: With lovers of Hemingway, Fitzgerald and contemporary artist Mel Bochner.

Best paired with: The extensive menu, especially the pizza.

Where to find it: Revolution Brewing in the Logan Square neighborhood.

Find out more about Revolution Brewing on their website.

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