Suds: August 1

Next steps are always the most difficult ones to take. Whether it’s the move into your own place, trying to find a new job, taking your relationship to the next level or getting one more round of beers, the decision is complicated and at times vexing (unless you’re sitting at Ale Asylum in which case the answer is always “A pitcher of Bedlam, please!”) We attempt to navigate through a thick fog of uncertainty, never fully knowing where a turn will take us, and we are caught underneath the weight of choice.

In order to keep my sanity I hold on to the belief that these decisions aren’t as overwhelming as they appear. As one of my co-workers pointed out to me, most things aren’t permanent even when they seem like it. The same concept applies to beer: try one and if you don’t like it, try something else. There is no reason that we should settle for mediocrity, so crack open a bottle of Lift Bridge’s Chestnut Hill, an exceptional brown ale, and toast to free will.

Now for some suds:

– Vine Park is putting on a brews cruise on August 6th. Be there!

– I’m rounding up friends for the Minneapolis Beer Fest, you should too.

– Rare news from Nebraska: Toasted Barn is being bottled this week. Welcome to the Big Ten, NE.

Stillwater Brewing Co., a brand new nano-brewery opened in the old sawmill in Stillwater, MN. Pop in and visit for a personal tour around their facility.

– If you’re traveling to Oak Park for the Micro Brew Review, consider keeping with the theme and bike. Your body and the environment will thank you.

– Half Acre, who has already won the hearts of two-thirds of the MwBC triumvirate, has a great event coming up tomorrow. Check it out and see if you agree.

– Speaking of events, Sun King Brewing in Hoosierland has a whole schedule mapped out.

– While Anthony refocused his mind to the Illinois beer culture in recent Suds, I’m going to highlight some news from my home away from home, Wisconsin. First, looking for a festival to go to? The Examiner has you covered.

– At last, Wisconsin politicians are doing something right.

– And finally, talk about being Midwestern…(this is me reserving my judgment).

Enjoy today’s Suds? Become a Voyageur today because there’s still more to be explored.


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