Suds: August 3

Well, I made it back from the UP with some Keewenaw to spare. I saw the Milky Way, my first bald eagle and have enough bites on my legs that multiple people asked if I might have chicken pox.

I got back to Chicago just in time to hear the screams of my brother as he found out he was selected to perform the civic duty of jury duty. I’ve never been asked to do it, though I’ve served as an election judge a number of times throughout the years, and I’m incredibly thankful for that.

The thought of jury duty dragged me all the way back to 1925 to read a little bit about the Scopes Trial, famously known as the battle that defined the legality of evolution and creation in our public school system. Strangely, John Scopes was prosecuted by the Democratic presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan (the “cross of gold” did not work as well in court as it did on the campaign trail), but the prosecution was halted due to a technicality. Scopes got to continue teaching evolution in his small-town school in Ohio, and the creationist movement lost a lot of legal momentum.

Oh Charles Darwin, I wish you could be more proud of us now. Grab a Finch’s Cut-throat and let’s toast to a more evolution-centric future. On to Suds!

-I know you’re growing and don’t really care what I have to say, Goose Island, but screw you. Also, while we’re on the topic of annoying me, why is Green Line so painfully boring?

IPA Day is happening tomorrow. It starts at 11. I’ll see you there.

-Microbrew festivals are growing, and this one in Oak Park is no exception.

-Quick aside about Oak Park, the birthplace of Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway fondly remembered his hometown as the “land of wide lawns and narrow minds.” (Source: my dad watching a documentary about Hemingway’s time in Cuba).

-Review time: Summit’s 25th Anniversary Ale.

-Big Hurt Baseball fans get ready for some Big Hurt Beer. Frank Thomas himself endorses it! It’s also 7% ABV, talk about big hurt…

-I’m a fan of buying yeast and passing it on for a few generations, but here’s some nice tips if you want to get it started on your own.

-Finally, I hate bad headlines. This is an awful headline: Caribbean Beer Looking to Make a Splash in the US.

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