Suds: August 8th

Ever wonder why gold is so special? Me neither. Until last night that is when I was watching a show hosted by Stephen Hawking talking about our universe. He was speaking about the life cycle of stars and the fuel that drives the fusion of elements into heavier elements. Helium into hydrogen into oxygen and neon into iron. When the Red giant burns out, the star contracts to the point of explosion at which point the iron particles fuse together into heavy metals such as lead and yes, gold. Hawking finishes by stating the next time you look at the gold ring on your finger, remember that the metal used was forged in the cataclysm of a collapsing star billions of years ago, across the universe. A very special metal indeed.

Stephen Hawking single-handedly brings the awe and mystery of the universe to life.

– The big news around the Twin Cities is SurlyFest tickets going on sale on their website today!

– If you aren’t lucky enough to get tickets to SurlyFest, don’t cry. Minneapolis has a great beer fest of their own.

– Not enough beer or fests yet? Well make a reservation for the First Annual Nordeast Big River Brew Fest which is going to be held in the old Grainbelt building on the Mississippi.

Point Brewery launches its new Summer Ale.

– An Ancho-spiked Mole Beer? Does a burrito come with it?

Craft brewers and distributors aren’t always at odds with one another.

– Firkins at Great Lakes Brewing.

– Revolution Brewing Co. gives a nod to Pablo Picasso with this post-modern brew.

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