Brew for Thought: Baumeister Root Beer

Maybe it’s my heightened desire to experience history, or maybe just me thinking about Wisconsin, but I can’t shake the idea of making my own root beer. Sure, I could buy one of those Sprecher kits, but what would I have learned from a root beer extract kit that may not even include sassafras root? Doesn’t sound much like root beer to me either.

In the 90’s, I remember root beer being all the rage. Dad’s cornered the market of “less-adventurous,” Barq’s had bite and IBC was a diner-only affair. It wasn’t until I moved to Wisconsin that I was treated to root beer on tap, thanks to Baumeister and their dedication to tradition.

After looking over some recipes for homemade root beer, I realized sassafras root really is the key to the flavor (tell me that first picture of root beer doesn’t look refreshing?). Like hops in beer, sassafras deserves degustation to understand what makes it so desirable. It’s both sweet and pleasantly pungent, tastes that hit in Baumeister’s brew, especially on tap.

And yes, I know that root beer seems like a kid’s game, but isn’t that part of the fun? It’s nice to be able and take one full step back, to feel like a kid doing kid things, like eating mac n’ cheese and a hot dog and drinking root beer (it sounds gross, but you used to do it too!). Baumeister’s just happens to be best suited for this.

Best enjoyed: In the company of old friends, cold and draught style if possible.

Best paired with: Mac n’ cheese, hot dogs, burgers, video games and of course, ice cream.

Find it: Baumeister’s can’t be found everywhere, primarily Wisconsin, but there’s definitely enough good root beer to go around.

Find out more about Baumesiter’s on their website.

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One response to “Brew for Thought: Baumeister Root Beer

  1. Baumeister orange is practically crack. Would definitely put their root beer against Sprecher on tap.

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