Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

First off, Brian and I owe you all a big apology for this summer. We bit off a little more than we could chew, which explains the lack of interviews and food features. We’ve reorganized our schedule so it’s a bit less rigorous. Sure, there will be less content, but there will be more quality. We’re looking to add more short fiction and non-fiction, and hopefully more on home brewing (in the mean time you can read the Serious Eats home brewing features, even though they’re awful).

More importantly, I’ve been shirking duties because I leave the Midwest this weekend. I will be pursuing a masters degree from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. This means a few things for me, but not too much for the blog. I will be contributing in the same capacity, editing and doing a fair amount of writing. Again, we’re going to get back to a normal schedule with some weekend food features, it just might take us a couple of weeks to normalize.

Finally, on behalf of Brian and myself, I’d like to say thanks to everyone who has been reading, commenting, Tweeting, contributing, interviewing and drinking good beer. We’re still having a lot of fun doing this, it’s just been a rough time for us. We’ve hit every milestone way faster than we could ever imagine, and it’s all because people like beer and reading about it.

Cheers, and keep reading!



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