Suds: August 12

Happy Friday everyone. How about we settle in with a TED talk?

This is from a spinoff event in the Windy City, and involves serious guys who make serious food. Their basic thesis, food should taste good and we can do things to help that, is one of the big reasons Brian and I got into beer in the first place. We’re talking about quality ingredients being mixed together for a final product as quaffable as it is thought provoking.

With these ideas proposed by the minds behind Moto in Chicago, we’re rethinking world hunger and health based around the idea that people like to eat tasty food. There is good science here, and good food, what more could you ask for?

Oh yeah, beer. Of course beer. Go ahead and grab yourself from Half Acre Gossamer and get ready for Suds.

-We don’t give nearly enough home brewing love here, so enjoy this video from Brew TV.

-New beer labels for some awesome looking beer. And another great label for a delicious sounding beer.

A shortage of Two Hearted everywhere? No wonder there are no more Time Lords…

-Get yer bottle-conditioned fix at the Rock Bottom in the Twin Cities every Thursday.

-A comparison of German lagers from the rarely updated NY Times beer page.

-Beer Here! Sesquicentennial Brew from the Grumpy Troll.

-Oh yeah, go outside today.

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