Brew for Thought: 5 Rabbits Brewing

I don’t mean to keep repeating myself, but I want to make sure everyone knows that I’ve moved and taken up shop on the other side of the United States. According to my roommates, we’re in sort of a beer desert over here. DC boasts a few establishments, but like me, most of them are still finding their feet.

Over the past three weeks I’ve spent time in the Upper Peninsula, Baraboo County, Chicago and now DC. Culture shock isn’t a word I like to throw around, I strive to be empathetic in any situation, but diversity in DC has an entirely different meaning than it does in Madison, WI. I live in the Adams Morgan neighborhood, mostly north and a little east of GWU and the White House. Adams Morgan, which feels much like Wicker Park or Bucktown, bears little resemblance to any neighborhood in Madison.

Much like my new neighborhood, 5 Rabbits bears very little resemblance to any other kind of beer on the market.

5 Rabbit’s story has been bouncing around for a few weeks. They bill themselves as America’s first ever Latin craft brewery, and put a heavy focus on classic styles and exceptional experimentations (adding lime after fermentation is for the unsophisticated). What they do best, perhaps better than anyone else, is embody an entire culture in their beer. They take something unbelievably near to them, their Mexican heritage, and allow it to express itself through them. Beer as art, art reflecting life.

I can’t really pick a 5 Rabbit beer because I haven’t had any of it yet, but every description of theirs instills a drive to drink good beer. From the chile backbone of 5 Vultures to the passionate undertones of 5 Lizard, 5 Rabbit takes something very human, adds yeast and water and grain and hops, and makes it more than just a beer.

Best enjoyed: Probably at the Hopleaf. Or on a hot summer day.

Best paired with: The things you love and the flavors you crave. Especially spicy foods.

Find it: Sweet home Chicago.

Learn more about 5 Rabbit on their website.

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