Suds: August 18

What if history wasn’t just something you read about, but could interact with? For all intents and purposes, time travel cannot be accomplished without massive breakthroughs of knowledge and technology. But we can get in touch with history through it’s location in relation to us. Here Is History allows us to do just that. Lovingly developed by beer aficionado and friend of MwBC, Joel Hans.


What to drink while reading about the Mariana Trench? Only a bier de garde like Lakefront Rendezvous could possibly remain memorable throughout time. Onward, suds!

-I can’t bear to read this: Best of the Great Taste of the Midwest. Hopefully someone poured out a pint for all of us poor souls that couldn’t make it.

Best look at Finch’s brewery you will probably ever see. Unless you go visit yourself (which you should!).

-More details about Big Hurt Beer. Anyone else think this is going to be a big failure?

Sprecher. That is all.

3 Floyds with another awesome label. Rock on guys.

Beer tasting in South Bend, Indiana.

Get yer Steel Toe Growlers!

-Finally, it’s not beer related, but free fries today from Epic Burger. Get your weekend started out right.

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