Suds: August 22

I saw Captain America last night, and I’m having a rather hard time deciding what to think about it. Overall, I enjoyed the film—just enough patriotic rhetoric, violence and Stanley Tucci—but what can be said about the reinvention of a long irrelevant American hero? After all, Marvel killed him off a few years ago and received no flack, especially in comparison to Batman and Spiderman.

The conclusion that I’ve come to about the film and superhero movies in general is that they are essential elements of the American experience (expertly explored by Michael Chabon in The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay). These are our stories, no matter how flawed or cheesy or irrelevant, and they definitely deserve recognition—or lip service—especially in a world struggling to find the right hero for the current situation.

Regardless, we’re still talking about superheroes. So grab a Bell’s Oracle (if you can find it), and let’s get to Suds.

-Why I’ve never linked to this blog before is beyond me. The article is old, the insight is not.

-Want to start brewing, but feel a bit intimidated? Here’s a nice first homebrew experience that should help with those fears.

-Beer Here: Black Top from New Glarus.

-All things go! To Duluth!

Surly release info. Yes, it’s that surly.

The beer fest formerly known as South Bend Beer Fest is now Brew Fest at Century Center and it’s tickets are on sale. Yes, that’s an awful sentence.

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