Suds: August 24

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes my sentences aren’t perfect. Maybe I pick a bad verb, or walk the line between passive and active, or use parentheses to prevent run on sentences (parentheses suggest lack of focus, and just look ugly on the page). Regardless, there’s one book I always turn to when I need to get back to clean, concise writing: Strunk and White’s Elements of Style.

Itself a quick, clear, enjoyable read, Style takes everything that made E.B. White’s columns instant hits in The New Yorker, along with William Strunk’s insistence on good mechanics. Not everyone can write like White, but everyone can definitely follow his lead and become a better writer.

Grab a Krankshaft from Metropolitan, and let’s get ready to celebrate the last days of summer with a Suds.

-Get yer Surly Five while the cookin’s good. Or order it online?

-Don’t miss the Surly release parties at your favorite watering hole.

-Cool labels from Greenbush.

-In honor of the grill I just put together with my roommates, I give you some beer BBQ tips from Northern Brewer.

-Life as a lager is an existential nightmare.

-I always knew there was room for a Bell’s beer with this label. After all, the flavor does go to eleven…

-Finally, lager brewing yeast discovered in the wild. Science!

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