Brew for Thought: Summit Unchained #7 Honeymoon Saison

 The moon is a ubiquitous figure in human culture, independently appearing in numerous societies the world over. From ancient Babylon, to Greece, to Mayan civilization, it played the role of myth and legend. It is romantic and it is scientific. For some, it was a way of explaining phenomena, while  for others like the US and the USSR, it is a catalyst for progress.  The phases of the moon are the subject of poems and philosophical thought and are used as a timepiece by which societies organize themselves.

For us, the term ‘honeymoon’ stands for the passion and fidelity of young lovers pledging themselves in marriage. For the Babylonians, it stood for fertility…and beer. It was customary for the father of the bride to give the groom mead, a honey ale, which was thought to help with conceiving a son. The newly married man would drink mead for an entire cycle of moon, thus the term honeymoon.

Summit’s Unchained #7 Honeymoon may not actually help you conceive sons, but it couldn’t hurt your chances. The sweet honey is superbly layered among the bready malts, zingy hops and saison yeast that embodies summer flavor. It pours a wheat-straw golden color and has a medium head–tantalizing to say the least. Have one more summer fling as the season winds down and go on a honeymoon with a six-pack of this exceptionally crafted brew.

Best Enjoyed: Alone, your girlfriend or boyfriend might get jealous.

Best Paired With: Roasted beets and sautéed vegetables.

Where to Find: Everywhere Summit distributes.

Find out more about the entire Summit Unchained series at their website and grab a six-pack of Honeymoon Saison.


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