Letter from the Editor: On Being a Collective

Dear Collective Readers,

You may notice that our site looks a lot more awesome than usual. We’ve wanted to do a redesign for a while, and now it’s actually kind-of, sort-of happening. First off, a huge, huge, huge, huge thank you to the man of many talents who designed our new banner, Michael Kiser. We’ve linked to his Tumblr, Good Beer Hunting, a few times because of its unique, hyperlocal perspective, its autobiographical narrative and absolutely gorgeous photography. When looking through one of his many sites I thought to myself, “Wow, I would really love to drink beer in one of those photographs,” hence the first of many banners we’re going to try out on our blog. Michael was kind enough to also give us a few design tips, and we’re going to try and implement those soon.

I also wanted to take a moment to discuss the collective as a whole. This summer, Brian and I had a hard time keeping the ship afloat. At times it felt like we were stuck in an old cartoon, the two of us bailing out water as quickly as it poured in. In order to keep history from repeating itself, we’re asking for submissions for Hoptellectuals and our not-yet-named narrative section. Send any and all ideas and essays to MwBeerCollective@gmail.com.

We’re thrilled to display Michael’s new banner design because it represents the first step in achieving our goal of creating a true collective. And if you haven’t done so yet, please check out Michael’s assorted Tumblr’s, they’re all awesome.

I remain your friend,



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