Suds: August 31

Sad day. Finished the last of my Great Ship America Steam Ales (full title “Going Down With All Her Lights Blazing the Great Ship America Steam Ale,” from an Updike novel). Every time I let someone try it, I give a history of steam ales, emphasizing the unexpected quality of the style. I seek the unexpected, which sounds counterintuitive, but it makes a strange level of sense. Perhaps the most predictably unpredictable act of the past three decades (!) has been the psych-pop weirdos, The Flaming Lips.

Tell me you didn't see this one coming.

Where even to begin? A concept album about a robot-fighter named Yoshimi? The heartbreaking genius of “Waiting on a Superman?” All of Transmissions from a Satellite Heart? For me, I always point people to the oft-ignored Zaireeka. Sure, the idea of listening to three compact discs simultaneously to produce a record is a strange idea. Sure, the record itself isn’t very good. But the concept definitely wins based on how the audience transitions from passive to active. Listening to Zaireeka is something we can do, like listening to wax. No, the idea didn’t catch on, but the boldness has become trademark as Wayne’s cracked vocals.

So let’s celebrate boundary breaking with an Apocalypse Cow from Three Floyds. Summer isn’t over yet. Suds!

-This place exists and you all need to go there now. Everything a homebrewer could ever want.

-Looks like Hurricane Irene did cause some damage.

-Great beer at the Great Minnesota Get Together.

-South Bend beer lovers, please read this comprehensive list of taps in your beer-loving city.

-Fine, we concede. Beer Here: Oktoberfest from the Vintage Brewery.

Nice recap of the Midwest Brewers Fest.

-Two Brothers has been really active expanding their brewery and on Facebook. I will complain about neither.

-Finally, our creative readers, check it out and show the Museum of Science and Industry what you’ve got.

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