Brew for Thought: Harriet Brewing Saison Nourrice

After working at the ball club’s booth at the Great Minnesota Get-Together, I hitched a rife from my friends for a beer at my favorite spot in the Twin Cities, The Muddy Pig. A pub in the truest sense of the word, the Pig’s menu has more pages dedicated to beer than food, scotch, and cocktails combined. They offer over 30 different drafts with local, regional and national breweries always represented. It’s always a tough choice deciding what to drink next, but rarely a disappointing one.

So it was again last night, when I ordered a new local brew from Harriet Brewing, Saison Nourrice. Ever since I left Wisconsin, I’ve missed out on New Glarus’ flagship beer, Spotted Cow, but Saison Nourrice itched that scratch. It pours a lovely straw gold and smells spicy and fruity. The taste is semi-dry and effervescent–a perfect combination for the season.

If you find yourself in St. Paul do yourself a favor and find Saison Nourrice from Harriet Brewin because ’tis still the season for saisons.

Best Enjoyed: At the pub with good friends.

Best Paired With: Toast and Olive Tapenade…oh, Muddy Pig, you read me like a book.

Where to Find: All around the Twin Cities.

Find out more information at Harriet Brewing Co. Website.


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