Suds: September 2

Welcome to tonight’s late edition of Suds. With the baseball season drawing to a close with playoffs, the college football season, along with the Badgers Rose Bowl hopes, are just beginning to bloom.  It’s amazing how much sports mean to us as a nation and the connection that we can feel to a team and while it gets a little crazy, the culture of college football is special. This weekend is stacked with good football games including Oregon and LSU and my second favorite team behind the Buckingham U’s, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish taking on USF. So settle in for the weekend and enjoy a few homebrews or a select 6-pack of your favorite brew. As a toast to the UW’s win last night, I’m cracking open a delicious New Glarus Spotted Cow which I picked up before crossing back to Minnesota last weekend.

Here's to former glories and future victories. Go Bucky!

 Now for Suds.

– It’s official. Surly has changed the landscape of beer in Minnesota.

– More beer greatness coming from the state of Michigan. This time from the Jolly Pumpkin.

– Have the craving for brains lately? Get zombified and prepare for Darkness!

– Go for one more bike ride this summer because the fall is on the way–New Belgium’s Hoptober is back.

– Rolling Meadow Brewery is available at the Illinois State Fair. Give it a shot and help a new micro-brewery out.

– The eternal bad-asses that are 3 Floyd’s Brewing have dedicated a beer to region where they brew. Get your Riot gear.

– Hey, you UP-ers. Get tickets for this today! I’m not kidding. Get tickets!

– Speaking of beer and football

– Some brew-love for Wisconsin from the Great Brew Tour.

No words necessary.

Love beer? Love Football? Make a case for you Alma Mater in this year’s college football season by tweeting @MidwestBeer or posting on our Facebook page. Go Bucky!


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