Suds: September 5

Happy Labor Day everyone. While most of us are off today taking a long weekend at the lake, sleeping in, or going for a bike ride around town, we should reflect on the work situation in the nation. If you’re fortunate enough to have a grandparent or parent that lived through the Great Depression take some time to ask them about it and understand how lucky we are to have jobs now. And for those with jobs in an industry they love, like beer or baseball or the environment, we should realize how lucky we truly are. Crack open your favorite brew and take a minute to ponder.

A Man at White Angel Bread Line, San Fransisco, 1933

 Now for some Suds:

– September 10 is the day of beer in MN. First, it’s the Summit 25th Anniversary Party.

– Secondly, it’s Surlyfest.

Oktoberfest is right around the corner, so make sure you find your nearest German town and drink like it’s Bavaria. For those who don’t know, Lacrosse, WI is Oktoberfest USA.

– A lot of beer labels okayed from the Midwest.

Beer and the arts. A perfect combination.

Harvest Moon Beer and Wine Tasting is a tip of the cap to the harvest season.

– A beer garden is being planned in Detroit’s West Village.

Love beer and the Midwest. Us too. Follow the MwBC on Twitter @MidwestBeer or on Facebook.


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