Suds: September 7

Everyone else who found morel season to be fruitless, check out this video:

Morel mushrooms are a delicious food and an interesting lesson in economics. Often found during the rainy season in the forests of Wisconsin and Minnesota, it’s not uncommon to pay $40 a pound for the coveted fungi. Morels resist domestication at all cost. By all accounts, mycologists everywhere (a.k.a. my friends) say your best bet for finding a morel is looking underneath a fallen elm tree. Even then, be careful. False morels are far more prevalent, and not nearly as safe.

It’s one of those “I miss Wisconsin” days. For that, grab your Satisfaction Jackson from Ale Asylum and let’s get to Suds.

-Can’t remember if we linked to this or not. Regardless, Chicago drinkers, go here. Now.

Some Flossmoor Station news.

-Everyone, it is officially Oktoberfest. Be responsible, and please buy something other than Leine’s.

-The triumphant return of Lithia Beer to West Bend, WI.

-Hurry! Zombie Dust on tap!

Northern Brewer talking about a brew day. I’d click on the link just for the Monty Python clip.

-Finally, a PSA from us here. Hiking is the MwBC approved athletic activity (look for morels!). Don’t ruin it for yourself and everyone else. Stay on the paths.

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