Letter from the Editor: Thank You!

Dear Readers,

On behalf of Anthony and myself, we want to extend our thanks to you for helping us reach our 10,000 visit to the blog. When we started the Midwest Beer Collective we had the hopes of getting a few followers, who love beer and the Midwest as much as we do, but we have been astounded the readership. We hope you enjoyed the past ten months as much as we have and are ready for what’s next.

When we decided to call ourselves a “collective,” we dreamed that we would bring the various conversations Anthony and I shared over many a pitcher to the internet: an online forum dedicated to beer, culture, the arts and politics. As Anthony stated in a previous letter, we have big plans to expand the MwBC with new contributors, columns and creative outlets for our readers, so that we can truly call ourselves a Collective. Stay keen, my friends, because there’s still more to be explored.


Brian and Anthony.


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