Suds: September 9

Suffice to say, our cities are big places. Big on population, big on area, big on history, big on ideas. Recently, the scales of human geography have tipped away from the rural environments. Why? Plenty of reasons, but I’d say most importantly the shift has to do with beer.

In all seriousness, I’m drawn to cities for the culture, for the free-flowing exchange of ideas. Last months issue of Scientific American, a special issue mind you, tackles the culture of the city head on. Urban culture is a blend of the historic (check out this link for Chicago’s oldest house, the Clarke House), as well as progressive ideals, and of course, a good dose of culture.

So happy Friday, city-dwellers across the Midwest. Grab the most urban of beers, Metropolitan’s Krankshaft or Surly’s Furious, and let’s get to Suds.

-Suds? Check. Pig roast? Check. Records? Check. I will see you October 1st at Schuba’s.

-Belgian tasting at the Bluebird. I’ll also be there.

-Beer. Bear. Prepare for both.

5 Rabbit is growing.

-Surly you can’t be serious. The news is.

Oktoberfest this weekend in MN.

In defense of Kansas City.

-Beer Here: Oktoberfest from the Vintage.

-Finally, I’m feeling a little melancholy for Madison. I could really use a pub burger from Graze. And an awesome dog to feed cheese curds to.

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