Suds: September 12

I’ve always wished I had the wherewithal to play tennis. It always seemed like the perfect balance of athleticism and intelligence, like chess if you had to run around a lot more. My new roommates watch a lot of tennis, sometimes I almost think they watch too much, but from their admiration (or lethargy, you choose), I developed a quasai-conversational knowledge and my own appreciation for the game.

I'll only play tennis if I can play here.

When it rains it pours, apparently, as I was recently treated to an even more enlightening view of the game and its brightest star, Roger Federer, written by none other than the inspiring David Foster Wallace. What I learned—other than DFW has an unerring and intimidating command of grammar and the English language—can be applied to all sports, that one player has the ability to play the game in such an irreplaceable way, that it can alter the game forever (Gretzky and hockey, Jordan and basketball).

So here’s to the next Great One. Get some fresh Satisfaction Jackson from Ale Asylum, and let’s get to Suds.

-I’m late on this but free drink if you hurry over to Bangers & Lace. Seriously, hurry.

-Beer Here: Double Bubble Imperial India Pale Ale from Rush River. I sincerely hope you can drink this at Double Bubble.

-MN drinkers, get ready to have everything you ever wanted.

-Homebrewing: HOPS.

-Hot Doug’s Celebrity Sausage of the Week? The Tyler Clutts.

-Finally, here’s to the good times, here’s to the home team: Old Style will (lovingly) remain at Wrigley Field.

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