Brew for Thought: Ale Asylum’s Contorter Porter

We are entering my favorite season of the year: fall. I love the cool breeze, the sweaters, the leaves turning and of course the beer. One of the best styles for fall is undoubtedly the Oktoberfest, but don’t forget about the English Porter, a dark yet light ale with toasty malt flavors and smooth body. While I love a cool stout in front of a fireplace in the dead of the winter, a porter is the perfect interlude from solstice to solstice. This makes sense if we look at the origins of the two styles. Just like the shift from the mild fall weather to the intensity of winter, the popular porter style was bolstered into a new style, the stout porter, which gave birth to the modern-day stout we drink today.

Where should you go for a great porter this fall? Make your way to the Madison area in Wisconsin for a six-pack of Ale Asylum’s Contorter for a porter that is smooth, sweet and slightly bitter with hints of chocolate malts. Or do one better by making your way to the brewery to lounge outside on the patio with a pitcher and a scarf to listen to what this fascinating brew has to say. Like a great conversationalist it’s confident and interesting, smooth and agreeable. As one of Ale Asylum’s flagship brews, it has been honed to near perfection in a pint glass, so enjoy yourselves before the winter freeze with this warm Contorter Porter.

Best Enjoyed: With friends and with your best sweater on.

Best Paired With: A hearty burger or walleye sandwich from where else, but from the Old Fashioned. You’re already in Madison of course.

Where to Find: All around the Madison area.

For more details about finding Contorter Porter or learning about their other brews, check out the Ale Asylum website.


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