Suds: September 21

My roommate brought this article from the NY Times to my attention today. It’s something I’ve weighed heavily after waiting for years for the Notwist’s follow-up to Neon Golden, Radiohead’s five year gestation period, the ostensible eons between Michael Chabon books. Is it worth taking time, painstakingly working to put out art even at the cost of losing your audience’s attention? For me, there’s no sound quite like The Devil, You + Me, a warmth that could only be realized after years of conscious thought, mixing and rehearsing by the Notwist. But I really enjoy Animal Collective and their quick turnaround, or Dave Egger’s omnipresence. Their rigorous production rate does little to diminish the quality—unlike Ryan Adams, who had a productive yet utterly forgettable couple of years—and almost seems to add to it.

For better or for worse, we publish something every day. Cheers to that with a Bridge Burner from Lakefront Brewing Company!

-Our friends at Lift Bridge and the brewing process.

-Porter season is in the wind, and Northern Brewer’s got you covered.

-The headline asks what to eat on S

-You get a brewery! And you get a brewery! Elkhart, Indiana, you get a brewery!

-Finally, yeah it’s fall and it’s time to make this recipe. Grilled cheese and a can of beer for the side? I don’t think you can eat tomato soup any other way.


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