Suds: September 23

Happy Friday! What’s missing from this Friday? How about falling satellites? North American readers, looks like we’re all in the clear. Everyone else, heads up.

If you squint and look really closely, you might see Earth somewhere in there.

Check out this list of dangerous things that have fallen from the sky (missing the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs because it wasn’t man made, but that’s neither here nor there). Crack open a Satisfaction Jacksin, and let’s get to it.

-Madisonians who can’t make their way out to LaCrosse for Oktoberfest, don’t panic. Wauktoberfest is happening!

-Exactly the beer article you would expect from the New York Times. They use a photo of a man drinking beer in a suit!

-It’s madness! Hop madness!

-Reviews! Beer Here: Black Top from New Glarus, Upland Nut Hunter from The Beer is Good.

-Would you travel over 1000 miles for a beer dinner made by Stephanie Izzard? It’d probably be easier than trying to get a seat at Girl and the Goat, that’s for sure.

-Want to know how to pair beer with chocolate? Specifically Ale Asylum beer and Gail Ambrosius chocolate? Madison Magazine’s Food and Wine Show has you covered.

-Essential Friday reading on beer tax laws.

-UP Beer Fest looks incredible. Watch!

-Finally, Juicy Lucy battle? Don’t mind if I do.

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  1. Thanks for the link-love today!
    Chip Walton
    Northern Brewer/Brewing TV

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