The Art of Beer Cooking: Oktoberfest Edition

Happy Oktoberfest! Time to break out the lederhosen!

If you’re in Wisconsin, apparently the place to be this weekend is in Lacrosse for the annual Oktoberfest celebrations. Unfortunately I will not be at the festivities and will instead be partaking in another Wisconsin tradition, drinking at the Brewers game. Go Brew Crew!

If you are celebrating Oktoberfest you are pretty much obligated to indulge in German food and wash it all down with pints of beer. It’s tradition, of course. Did you know at the annual Oktoberfest in Munich they consume over 7 million liters of beer? Sounds like a good time to me.

Here are some a few great traditional German recipes to bring a little bit of Germany to your kitchen this weekend. They don’t have beer as an ingredient, but instead drink a few (or more) while cooking.

Homemade Pretzels

Schnitzel in a creamy mushroom sauce


In honor of the festivities, here’s a classic picture of me chugging a bier in Munich. Sehr gut!


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