Suds: September 26

It’s officially Oktoberfest around the world and from Munich, Germany  to Lacrosse, Wisconsin people are filling steins with their favorite beers. This whole month, we have been featuring all sorts of Oktoberfest festivals and beers around the Midwest to partake in, so crack open a Hinterland Oktoberfest to get things started on the right foot.

– Let’s start by getting acquainted with the festivities across the pond with 5 things to know about Oktoberfest.

– Get yourselves into some mid-week shenanigans at the Nomad World Pub in Minneapolis.

– Find the best fall has to offer in Chicago.

– News from down-under: with the threat of a hostile takeover, Fosters Group Ltd. caves to SABMiller. The price tag? How about over $10 billion.

Iowan breweries release their fall lines.

– Finally, I understand why the Twins were so bad this year. Wally the Beer Man cursed them…

– USA Today’s list of the top national Oktoberfest celebrations.

– Strangely absent from that list is Frankenmuth’s Oktoberfest. How much more German can you get.

– A good deed gone totally awry. I give an A for Effort on this one.

Fill your stein and say Prost! It’s Oktoberfest here and abroad. Tweet your Oktoberfest pictures to @MidwestBeer or tag us on Facebook.


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