Suds: September 28

I have been listening to a lot of music lately which has prodded something inside of me, a sort of creativity bone that made me wonder: if I were locked in a cabin alone in the Northwoods with a set of instruments, could I create music as good as I listen to? It strikes at a fundamental question of who we are as humans, a question that we may have pondered but never analyzed further. Do we have unlimited potential or are we born into a set of constraints? While it may seem easy to say that I never could have been a professional football player, it is said with the proper amount of time dedicated to one thing a person can become an expert. I like to think that this is true and that it applies to music as well since we need those passionate individuals to believe in their skill to make the music we are moved by on a daily basis.

For Emma, Forever Ago...

Enough rambling, let’s get to Suds. Pour yourself a Schlitz and imbibe some beer news:

– Speaking about passionate people, this is exactly what pubs are about!

– Heritage Liquor Store is having a tasting of Crispin Cider just in time for fall. If you’ve never tried hard cider, do your palette a favor.

October 22: Darkness Day. Enough said.

Wise words from a wise President of New Belgium Brewing.

– Three Floyds is back in Ohio! Thank the matrix.

Jim Koch brings the Hammer of Thor down on Anchor Brewing across the country. Take that you yuppy, vodka drinking outsiders.

– Great Lakes Brewing releases Oh Christmas Ale at the Cleveland Brewpub.

Madison’s Beer and Cheese Fest 2012, get your tickets soon. Speaking of cheese, do they think we don’t know already

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