Brew for Thought: The O’So Night Train

I know I blabber an awful lot about moving, but it’s been a rather big change for me (and the blog). Though my playlists are distinctly Midwestern (Sleeping in the Aviary, The Replacements), my beer sampling has been anything but. Through pubs and beer, we can get to know a region and what makes it so special. Unfortunately, what I’ve experienced here on the East Coast has been a lot of over-hopped, over-hyped beers. A lack of balance screams “beer tastes like hops,so let’s make sure we can taste the hops. Let’s add some more hops just in case.” I’m already sick and tired of it. Give me something with a bold body, with hop balance, with fervent, malty aroma. Give me an O’So Night Train.

O’so makes a habit of providing an esoteric vernacular for their beers. On night train it reads like a checklist for something more like taffy. Roasty? Chewy? Judicious? Immense? I actually get the roast upon first whiff, and the chewy locked far away at the warming of the bottle. But really, judicious is the only operative I care about.

From O’so, Night Train is made with “judicious amounts of crystal and chocolate malt.” All hop and no balance makes Anthony go crazy. Something as discerning and egalitarian as Night Train remedies this nicely. Every flavor blends together, allowing every last adjective to find its place on your pallet.

Yes, I know, it’s more of a wintery beer and we’ve been preaching the gospel of summer sessionables. But guess what? Winter is right around the corner, and I’d like nothing more than a Night Train and a nice fire.

Best enjoyed: Pint glass, cellar temperature, preferably around a campfire in late autumn to usher in the snow.

Best paired with: This beer’s already chewy, what more do you want?

Find it: In Wisconsin. Stop by O’so’s homebrew supply store in Plover!

Find out more about O’so on their website.

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  1. This is an absolutely wonderful beer. Shame I can’t get ANY GOOD WISCONSIN BEERS out here in CA. I’m having the same experience with over-hopping. Good thing my Belgian Tripel will be ready in a few weeks!

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