Suds: September 30

The leaves on the maple trees in my backyard are beginning to change from green-yellow to a fire-red and the mornings are getting cooler each day. Fall is a season of flux and small, yet aggregating change that reaches a zenith before the decline into winter. The changing colors of the deciduous forests all across the midwest remind us that there is movement all around us which in the immediate present isimperceptible, but over a longer period of time show the slow breathing life. Nothing captures this better than time-lapse videos, something Sufjan Stevens used for his Futile Devices video. Sit back, sip on a Flat Earth Cygnus-1 Porter and take it in.

– Let it be known, MwBC whole-heartedly supports making the Schlitz Brewery tavern a historic landmark.

– Two Brothers, one short film. Check it out here.

– Left Hand Brewing’s new Nitro Stout is revolutionary.

Happy Gnomes love cheese and beer. For $12, so should you!

– A crème brûlée beer? I mean, whoa!

– Nebraska comes to Madison to face the Badgers. Don’t have a ticket? No problem, just hang out in the beer gardens which are open late.

– Indiana Public Radio is hosting the 5th annual All Beers Considered event. Get your tickets today!

– Beer and zoos are a perfect combination. Binder Park Zoo in Michigan is selling tickets to BontebOktoberfest today!

– Upland Brewing’s Sour Reserve release party.

– Traverse City’s North Peak Brewing is releasing a hoppy pumpkin ale called Hooligan. I wonder if you start watching English football matches after you drink it?

I’ll be at the 508 tomorrow to root on the Badgers, so stop in and say hello. Or else tweet pictures from your favorite place to watch college football @MidwestBeer.


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