Suds: October 3

Well, fall’s finally setting in and that means only one thing: decorative gourd season, motherf***ers. Yes, I know that’s a little more upfront and graphic than you’re used to on this blog, but who wants to avoid the best parts of fall? The foliage, the crispness and of course, the decorative gourds.

Seriously, it's frickin' fall.

I, for one, welcome our gourd-bearing fall overlords. In celebration, grab a Lakefront Pumpkin Lager and let’s get to Suds.

-Lots of news coming out of this years Great American Beer Fest. First, big winners from the City of Big Shoulders. Congrats to 5Rabbit for winning the fruit beer component. As someone who is confused by fruit beers, this seems like an incredibly difficult category to win.

More on the Chi-Town victories.

-I’m not going to go state by state to pick out winners, that’s what this nifty device is for. I will point out the interesting ones, like this big win from The Vintage in Madison, which took home a silver medal for their scotch ale.

-Cap Brewery won? Color me surprised…

Town Hall Brewery is the lone MN victor, wow.

And Old Style? Wait, what?

-Never forget what happened with Goose Island. Also, never fail to acknowledge their ambitious beers.

Ein Bier, bitte!

-Finally, when you’ve said Wisconsin, you’ve said it all.

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