Suds: October 7

Think different. Not different for the sake of being different, but different for the sake of all that is good and analogue and human and alive. In a commencement speech, David Foster Wallace highlights that part of being human means you have a choice of how you view things. We can embrace the pessimistic, drop ourselves into the downtrodden depths, or we can choose to understand and empathize. We can see things as they are, or as they should be.

Steve Jobs asked us all to think different, and think much bigger than we should logically be capable of thinking. We’re in dire need of big thinking, especially on behalf of corporations and the federal government. One of the biggest ideas I’ve come across in recent days is this remapping of the Chicago Transit Authority. As romantic as the El is, couldn’t it be more practical? Couldn’t it take us everywhere we’ve been meaning to go? Couldn’t it bring together a city in ways that we can’t yet fathom?

So think big. Let’s pour out a Contorter Porter in honor of Ale Asylum’s big plans, and let’s get to Suds.

-Zoning council okays Ale Asylum’s big plans. Here’s some more on that.

-3Floyds Anniversary Party tickets go on sale Monday.

Chicago Craft Beer Weekend? Apparently it’s an extension of Kegs for Kids, so go drink beer for a good cause. (Also, sorry, Examiner is not really a reputable source)

-Beer and cheese go swimingly together. Unfortunately, I don’t know that much about cheese. Ask your cheese-related questions to this guy, who knows everything about cheese.

-Wonder what Prohibition was like in Minnesota? PBS has you covered.

-Not finding any Founders Candian Breakfast Stout in South Bend? You’re not alone.

Oh puns. More importantly, why is anyone drinking Alaskan beer when they aren’t in Alaska? What do they know that we don’t?

-Finally, it’s the weekend. Take it and do something awesome with it.

-Last thing, I swear! Best of luck to my Dad and everyone else running 26.2 miles this weekend at the Chicago marathon. What an experience!
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