Suds: October 21

Zombies are everywhere today pervading all aspects of our culture from movies to books about Abe Lincoln, the zombie killer. Especially with the approach of Halloween, whole cities are being consumed by the zombie-bug. Here in the Twin Cities the Zombie Pub Crawl, an annual pub crawl where attendees dress like, you guessed it, zombies.

But the notion of the “zombie” is more than a way to scare the kids in your neighborhood, who take handfuls from unguarded bowls of candy on porch steps; it is a major philosophic topic for exploring issues of consciousness. Crack open a Dead Guy Pale Ale–not a midwestern brew, but a tasty theme-related pale ale–and listen to the Danse Macabre while you read up on Zombies.

Summit Unchained #8 release events.

– In case you missed it Wednesday, celebrate Darkness Day Eve at Stub and Herbs to warm up for Surly’s Darkness Day tomorrow. Here’s some important information for tomorrow’s party.

– MwBC friends, Brau Brothers Brewing Co. announce a Barrel-Aged Rye Wine for January or February release.

– Nice overview of New Glarus’ excellent specialty, Chocolate Abbey.

– The old Pabst brewery in Milwaukee is undergoing a transformation. I wonder if it’s an Autobot or Decepticon?

– Blurb about Michigan’s great brewing tradition under ‘Skip’ section.

Pumpkin Ales abound across the Midwest, but it’s a game of subtlety.

Do zombies have to use the bathroom? Find out and let us know by tweeting @MidwestBeer or posting on Facebook.


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