Suds: October 26

Lately, I have had a craving and it’s not for beer. No, it’s much more in tune with the Halloween season as the trees grow barren of leaves and cold winds cut through festive fall sweaters and get down to your bones. My appetite is for a good horror story, a genre that I find authors have a hard time navigating. It takes a crafty hand to balance suspense and revelation, gory or otherwise, when penning a horror story and I have found no better author than the legendary Edgar Allan Poe. The beauty of Poe’s work is the cold calculation the characters in his stories possesses that show the failure of reason to curb evil.

Crack open a Rush River Nevermore and get your creative juices flowing and submit your best horror short story. The winner will have their story published on our blog for all to see and read.

Now for Suds:

– Find Rush River beers and many more at the Fall Firkin Fest in Willernie, MN on October 29th. Get your tickets here.

– Want to win a t-shirt from Steven’s Point Brewery? Enter here.

– Town Hall continues the celebration in Minneapolis with the release of their Anniversary Ale tonight!

– Madison’s beer festival tickets are on sale now. Get yours today. Seriously.

– We might be biased toward Madison since we studied there, but get an outsider’s view of this Midwestern gem.

– Love cheese curds? Check out these simple instructions from our friend at The Girl and Her Beer for your own tasty beer-battered curds.

– New Belgium’s Lips of Faith series lip-puckering La Folie gets a facelift for 2012 with a new label.

– We know we don’t talk about Kansas much, so check out this great photo tour of Kansas City‘s beer scene from our friend at Good Beer Hunting.

– It’s time for Iowa to get some love too. This is big news for the Iowan brewers, now the sky’s the limit.

– A little to late for the Zombie edition of suds, but still pertinent.

Send all short story submissions to with your name and story title in the Subject line. Go forth and get creepy!


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