Brew for Thought: Half Acre’s Over Ale

Ah the central timezone. Something feels right about it, like a suit that fits. It’s never quite too early, never quite too late, as if the sun shines exclusively to reach the central time zone. From a systems perspective, sitting in between extremes allows for efficiency to deal with forces outside of system considerations. Slack allows for growth, development and ingenuity. Half Acre’s Over Ale is a testament to efficiency, and more importantly, to style defiance.

Half Acre bills Over Ale as a brown ale, but the beer exists more in the realm of “whatever style you want.” In this age where we often miss the forest for the trees, Over ale proves that style is just a construct. Good beer is good beer, even without complicated metrics.

Half Acre exudes a certain amount of chutzpah, if you will. Their aggressive regular beers all come in cans, proving the can no longer serves as a metric for lawnmower beers.  Over Ale plays right into this, with a maltiness all its own, and an almost pastoral quality when warmed up (particularly near a fireplace). Over Ale sets itself in the middle, keeps clear of distinctions, and delivers a high-quality beer experience.

Best Enjoyed: With the first fall fire and well into November, Over Ale does not judge.

Best Paired With: Burgers and cream cheese (combine all three for epic results).

Find It: Sweet home Chicago.

Find out more about Half Acre on their newly revamped, totally awesome website.

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