Suds: October 28

Last Suds was about subtlety in storytelling as I spoke of Poe’s uncanny ability to creep out his readers with psychology rather than sheer shock value. Today’s Suds is dedicated to the fear-inducing blood and gore of haunted houses. The brilliance of the haunted house is that people have the distinct knowledge of what they are getting into; a book can hide its true intention in its unread pages, divulging its secrets slowly and methodically. The haunted house bears its artifice before you even arrive, yet it still twists our stomach in knots with unrelenting terror as we walk through it.

Soap Factory's Haunted Basement. Photo courtesy of Soap Factory

Every town claims to have the greatest haunted house in the world, but here are a few notable houses in the Midwest. Illinois: Statesville Haunted Prison, Minnesota: Soap Factory Haunted, Basement, Wisconsin: Haunted Feargrounds, Michigan: The Realm of Darkness, Indiana: The Haunted Cave, and Iowa: The Haunted Cornfield

Now for Suds:

– The Packers beat the Vikings twice this season. Once on the field and once in the pint glass.

– And now Wisconsin fans can buy alcohol before sunrise.

– Nice write-up on my hometown brewery, Lift Bridge, in the Stillwater Gazette.

– Anthony’s spectacular overview of Half Acre’s Over Ale reveals just the tip of the iceberg of this brewery’s greatness. Get ready for The Chairman.

– Just bought Harvest Dance Wheat Wine at my favorite liquor store, Lake Elmo Wine Company.

– In Minnesota for Halloween? Don’t miss Fall Firkin Fest at the Hanger Room this Saturday

– Have dreams of brewing beer professionally? It may not be that easy.

– Looking for things to do in Ann Arbor this weekend? Find out about a few great events here.

There is nothing to fear, but an open beer by itself. Drink it up. Have a fun and safe Halloween weekend from the MwBoo-C. Did I scare you?


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