Suds: November 4

Happy Friday my beer loving friends. I am still getting over a week-long cold so I’m going to be lying low tonight, but you have a full night ahead of you with beer galore. Before we begin, you ought to watch the new episode of Brewing TV featuring Lift Bridge’s newest Oyster Stout. You heard right, Oyster Stout. It’s made with oysters. In the immortal words of Dr. Tim Allen, “I mean, whoa!”

Now for Suds:

– What do you get when you take four imperial russian stouts and blend them together?

– We are strong advocates for teaching a friend to homebrew, it could even be a great date idea.

Four Firkins Grand Opening in St. Louis Park, MN promises Star Wars music and free beer.

– T-Minus 1 day until Wisconsin Beer Expo. It’s not too late to get your tickets.

Surly’s response to supposed price-gouging of Darkness in liquor store.

– Looking for an establishment to play a good game of darts in Illinois?

– Memphis, Tennessee blog reviews two IPAs side-by-side and one of them is Surly Furious. It must have migrated South for winter.

All Stout’s Day event hosted by Bell’s Brewing Co.

We want to thank all of our readers for all of your support, but want to encourage you to talk to us. We love to converse, especially over beer. Send us messages, articles, essays, or just tweet @MidwestBeer. There still more to be explored and what better company to do so than with all of you?


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