Suds: November 7

Well, daylight savings time has finally arrived. My apologies, before falling behind I fell behind on schoolwork and every other kind of work I could imagine. Thanks to Brian for keeping the ship upright, it looks as beautiful as usual.

In my free time I’ve been doing a lot of reading about font and typography, a lot of it is coinciding with a planned redesign of the blog. A kindred spirit of Strunk and White’s Elements of Style, Robert Bringhurst’s book The Elements of Typographic Style walks readers through the history and unlimited potential of fonts.

For a little more on how fonts are made, check out this episode of the Madison-based Public Radio show To the Best of Our Knowledge (full disclosure, I worked there for a little while). The episode talks about the creation of one of the most famous modern fonts, Gotham, and it’s effects on the 2008 presidential election.

It’s still very fall, so grab a Tyranena Painted Lady Pumpkin Ale, and let’s get to Suds. Oh my, it feels good to say that.

-A wise man once said to me, “Go west young man.” And I have. And it has been glorious.

-This is exactly why I drink beer (great headline, Tribune): Northwestern professors hatch potential cure to peanut allergies over beer.

-Beer Here: Hopasaurus Rex IPA from Titletown Brewing (Ed. Note: Best name ever? Best name ever.).

-What the heck is craft beer anyway?

Hop combos folks.

-Two of my favorite things, activism and suds. Just kidding. Only one of my favorite things. Guess which one I don’t like!

-Getting ready for one of my favorite winter beers—Goose Island’s Mild Winter. Will it still taste good after the back stabbing? Or maybe time has healed old wounds?

-Finally, a holiday ale story that uses elves as a lede. I hate Christmas until it’s December. Good video though.

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