Suds: November 9

Lately, I’ve had this unfathomably deep desire to play with LEGOs. It may be childhood pulling playfully at my freshly dry-cleaned suit, or maybe it’s the need for something simple that works in the midst of all the craziness.

How progressive!

So color me fanatical when I stumbled across this blog that documents LEGOs over the course of a few years, from the embarrassingly cool Star Wars sets to the new, more puzzling standard sets. Way awesome stuff going on here.

Grab a Summit EPA and let’s get to Suds.

-I can’t believe how many awesome beer events I’ve missed in my short life. Hoptacular looked like a blast!

-Funny stuff from an old friend of MwBC and the inspiration for Suds: Controversial new rule at the Wisconsin Capitol.

-Don’t know if I buy Bell’s position on the tagging of kegs, but it’s interesting that they have that much leverage in the first place.

-I don’t know if I support Binny’s expanding any more than they already have.

-The west coast has a Koch as well, and he’s way more extreme!

-A stranger in a strange land: Our friend over at the Girl and Her Beer reviews one of my local watering holes. You won’t find me there though, I’m too busy trying to pick out good soul tunes and a cold one over at the Bier Barron.

Velvet Rooster releases for the MN faithful.

-A nice review of Summit’s latest Unchained Black Ail.

-Finally, don’t know what to drink with all those Smiths records you listen to? Drinkify has you covered.


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  1. I’m kind of obsessed with Drinkify now – although I’m not sure that I’d choose Red Stripe for The Who 🙂

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