Suds: November 11

As a proud Chicagoan, I have to give credit where credit is due. Rahm Emanuel hasn’t been in office for a year yet, but his battle against overspending has come to define his tenure as mayor. The crazy part, he’s winning. No one expected him to close the $600 million budget shortfall in one year, but he’s made serious strides. Thomas Friedmann (who I loathe, but that’s for another time) noted that Rahm has “a progressive agenda on a Tea Party budget.” As much as I dislike tea parties, that sounds like something we can all agree on.

So this Metropolitan Iron Works Alt is for you, Rahm! I’ve even heard he’s been enjoying Chicago’s potent music scene.

Empty Bottle Book Club? Count me in!

-I have an exam this night, but there’s a Bell’s Beer Dinner at the Local in Minneapolis.

Belgian beer drinkers of the United States, unite!

-Brian and I have been complaining about the lack of good cider for quite some time, glad Greg Hall has heard our complaints. (Ed. Note: Round of applause for Time Out Chicago for consistently putting out a great publication. I don’t even live in Chicago right now, and I still read it)

-Yeah, my cider is fermenting nicely if anyone was wondering.

-Beer Here: Oktoberfest from Hinterland (the brewery with the mediocre beer and the awesome bottles).

-We neglect home brewing way more than we should, here’s a great article about some neat experimentation from the Madison Beer Review.

-Finally, not beer related, but I could really use a good pastry right sometime this weekend. What’s that? The Logan Square kitchen is having a pastry market this weekend? Too good to be true.

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