Suds: November 14

One of the biggest stressors in my life is my inability to keep up with culture. I have a long list of books to read, records to buy, movies to watch. So much genius passes me by with little chance to absorb it. It’s a very specialized first world problem—one generally found amongst academics and beer drinkers. With each sentence I read, I feel worse and worse about the passing of David Foster Wallace. His works frequently are equally high on hilarity and poignancy. I feel an unquantifiable amount of life from his texts that I don’t get anywhere else, a very 90’s sort of affair dusted with existential dread.

I am one of the many who have unsuccessfully attempted Infinite Jest, and it will be a while before Igather the resolve to try again. Lucky for me and everyone else who can’t quite comprehend 17 pages of footnotes with more footnotes, Wallace was a prolific essayist. His ESPN article on Roger Federer gives a peek inside tennis that no analyst could ever give (Ed. Note: The Grantland link to the ESPN article seems to have disappeared).  I am currently chewing on a Harper’s essay featured in Wallace’s A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again about spending a week on a cruise, a situation I would most certainly consider on par with a week in hell.

Well that’s enough literary obscurity. Fat Squirrel sound good for everyone? Let’s get to Suds.

-Ladies and gentlemen, Bourbon County Stout has been bottled.

-More stout news, this time from Three Floyds.

-The Spirit of Beer. Interesting read from the Trib.

-Missed Fiddler’s Hearth in South Bend? Poo-poo for you.

-Beer Here: Rocky’s Revenge from Tyranena (a personal favorite of mine).

-Town Hall Tap is where most Minneapolis beer lovers should spend their free nights this week.

-More good homebrew stuff. Lots to love about an old ale.

-Finally, this article is a little serious but definitely worth thinking about.

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