Suds: November 16

Today is Give to the Max Day in Minnesota, an event that asks Minnesotans to donate to a charity of their choice. After many forwarded e-mails and friends asking me to go to the website and find a charity to donate to, I began searching through their online lists. What I found was an astounding number of non-profits with bold mission statements to help different sectors of society. I landed on a non-profit that an old friend works for and decided to donate. It felt good, but it also is making me want to do more than just throw a few bucks at an organization: it makes me want to get involved.

Go to today and find a program or organization you support. Give!


Now crack open a Finnegan’s Irish Amber and give a little more as 100% of the profits go to charity and let’s get to Suds.

Great Waters Beer Dinner is tonight in St. Paul. Enter for your chance for a free ticket.

– Snow’s a-coming to the Midwest, but for Minnesotans that means the Beer Dabbler is just around the corner.

– Hungry for trivia and thirsty for beer? Trivia Mafia has you covered.

– Untappd is a great invention and plus using it can get you to Belgium.

– Speaking of Belgium, here is a nice article on Monastic beers.

– Small Iowan brewers must be related to Huckleberry Finn. They delivered their beer by floating down the river.

Two Brothers five course dinner is coming up soon. Get your tickets today!

– Check out what’s happening next at Upland Brewing with their event calendar.

Want to write for the Midwest Beer Collective? Visit our Submissions page for details.


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