Suds: November 18

Remember those 3-d books that you used to stare at when you were a kid? The ones that would make you go cross-eyed and then a rhinoceros jumping through fire would appear? Well, they have a far more sophisticated history than many of us would have guessed. In the 60’s, op art was all the rage, harnessing newfound knowledge of sensory perception and gaps in the brain.

The above image is a sculpture designed by the retro-futuristic Roy Lichtenstein in the National Sculpture Garden in DC (Ed. Notes: Lichtenstein is one of my favorite artists because of his acknowledgement the elasticity of the comic book medium). Though the house looks completely normal, it’s actually concave, indented where the front meets the side. Quite stunning when you see it from this angle, quite confusing when you walk into it.

Enough with the artsy-fartsy. Grab a New Glarus Two Women, let’s get to Suds.

Chub Step. Half Acre. You have been warned. Get there early.

The King makes his debut—Goose Island’s King Henry that is.

-Nice profile of a neat company, Greenbush Brewing. For more photographic evidence, check out our friend over at Good Beer Hunting.

Been to these places before? What are you waiting for!?

-Our friends over at Lift Bridge are releasing Commander on Saturday.

-A better roundup of Chicago beer news than we could ever do, especially considering our proximity to Chicago.

-Finally, maybe you should make omelets for thanksgiving? Julia Child has you covered.

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