Suds: November 21

Farmers have reaped their harvest, a thin blanket of snow covers the ground and winter warmers are just around the corner. Thanksgiving week is certainly one of my personal favorites as it represents the culmination of Fall and the last feast before the long dark of Winter. I capitalized those seasons because there is a life-force pulsing through them that make them seem alive, begging a greater respect for nature and an acknowledgement of our human frailty.

That’s what I like to take away from Thanksgiving. I understand the feelings of those who see the holiday as the beginning of a systematic oppression of native peoples, but taken by itself it represents the ultimate humbling experience before the power of nature. Winter bearing down on the colonists threatened their very existence and the meal that was shared between them and their native american neighbors was truly a giving of thanks for living another day.

Happy Thanksgiving Charlie Brown!

Now for Suds:

– Town Hall continues its barrage of seasonal beers tonight.

– Need something to wash that turkey down? How about a growler from Fulton?

Beer Here: Sun D’Appled Orchard Ale from Vintage Brewing in Madison.

– Here is an awesome look at Sour Beers from the guys at Northern Brewer. I’ve been hooked on these since I tasted a Flemish Red at Cooper’s Tavern in Madison.

– The Winter Carnival Beer Dabbler is coming soon and they are holding another Homebrew Contest. Get brewing!

Beer is good for heart! And if this study is overturned in a month, then at least it still tastes good.

– Speaking of homebrewing, here’s just another reason this is the greatest hobby around.

– Remember that guy who just drank beer for lent?

Stressed about the holidays this week? Relax, and have a homebrew. Tweet @MidwestBeer for emotional support!


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