Suds: November 23

I can’t believe we haven’t mentioned this yet on the site. THE MUPPET MOVIE COMES OUT TODAY! So run as fast as you can and revel in all of the nostalgia of a classic reboot.

Though Hollywood receives a lot of deserved complaints about recycling stale plots, for some reason this just feels right. Reacquaint yourself with old friends and make sure to watch the trailer(s). Brian and I like to think of ourselves as the Statler and Waldorf of the beer community.

The weather seems about right for a Half Acre Ginger Twin. Grab it if you see it! Now to Suds.

-We here at MwBC do not editorially endorse any recall efforts. We certainly do not endorse the recall efforts of Governor Scott Walker, who had a chance to help out small brewers in Wisconsin (you know, the little guy he’s always trying to help with tax breaks and union busting) but refused. Nope, we would never endorse the recall efforts of someone like that.

-Ah, to be in the court of the Sun King.

-Get ready to go Ballistic at Ale Asylum.

-MN drinkers: it’s cask Wednesday at Barley John’s.

-Beer Here: Chocolate Abbey from New Glarus. Yes, we can all finally start reveling in the holiday spirit.

-More X-mas beers, this time from the Hoppin’ Frog.

-This is one of the many reasons I love pubs: come say goodbye to an old friend at Town Hall Brewery in Minneapolis.

Belgian Awareness.

-Finally, this is exactly what you should drink at Thanksgiving dinner. We had great success pairing Goose Island’s special Belgians, a nice touch.

We’re the Butterball Turkey Hotline for beer, so get in touch. Tweet (@midwestbeer), Facebook or send an email to


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