Suds: November 28

Okay, I’m sorry but I have to make this quick. The holidays have left me sick and overtired and all I want to do is kvetch. Well, not really, I just want to be rid of this head cold. Today I’m catching up on homework and watching the latest American Masters series from PBS on the inimitable Woody Allen.

Besides always featuring some sort of young female temptress in his films, Allen has vehemently denied he plays himself. I guess the AM series will finally answer this question.

Yikes, the thought of drinking beer pains me so grab a Bitter End from Two Brothers and let’s get to Suds.

Approved beer labels mean more beers and more happy consumers. Correlation does imply causation!

Black Friday, King Henry and you.

-Beer Here: Eternal Flame from Cap Brewery. At least it’s not Supper Club…

-Well, I’m late on this one. Northern Brewer’s blog has moved and it’s more awesome than ever.

A Chicago specific beer recipe. Oh boy does that look good.

-Why have I not heard about either of these things? Empirical Brewery gets the spotlight on Girls Like Beer Too.

-See you at the Beer Dabler in St. Paul!

-Finally (spoiler alert!), for followers of both the NHL and the Walking Dead, what the heck happened over the past two days?!?!

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