Suds: November 30

Wednesday Suds are much needed Suds and we’ve got some goodies in store. First, let’s talk about asteroids. Specifically, let’s talk about asteroids flying toward Earth. Bruce Willis clearly is the number one person to call if we see an asteroid threatening to end human civilization, but what other options do we have? Well, crack open a Brau Brothers Hundred Yard Dash watch this scary and informative TED Talk and find out!

– Tickets for the most exclusive beer event in Minnesota go on sale tomorrow, Dec. 1, at 1pm. Good luck!

– Hanson is brewing a beer called Mmmhop. Really? Really?

– Not technically beer news, but still pretty cool for hockey fans.

– Indiana’s Sun King Brewing are releasing Wee Muckle this weekend.

Founders Brewing has to delay the third beer of their Backstage Series until 2012.

– Find out who won best in show at the Illinois Festival of Wood and Barrel-Aged Beer.

– A wet-hopped ale tasting is happening in Milwaukee at the Bomb Shelter tonight.

– Batch 19: a fuller-bodied version of Schlitz? Yes, please.

Michigan’s Winter Beer Fest tickets go on sale Dec. 1.

Get over the hump with a good helping of Suds. Tweet @MidwestBeer for emotional support.


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