Suds: December 2

One of the nicest and most pristine experiences I’ve had occurred in Black River Falls State Park, just north of Tomah, WI. Winter in Wisconsin is special. On New Glarus’ Snowshoe Red Ale they note “these Wisconsin winters keep the whiners out.” But it’s more than that, and nobody captures this quite like historian William Cronon.

I’m going to let Cronon speak for himself as he explores one of Wisconsin’s greatest treasures, the Apostle Islands. We’ve mentioned him here before because of his work compiling decades of Chicago’s lost environmental history in Nature’s Metropolis: Chicago and the Great West. I’m currently working my way through his volumes on humans and our place in nature—if nature is a thing we need to be concerned with any more.

For this Friday Suds, grab yerself a Snowshoe Red and put on a Charlie Brown Christmas. Yeah, that’s a great pairing.

-The importance of barley, the workhorse of beer flavor.

Bearded men tasting beers? Sounds like Wisconsin.

-Homebrewers and environmentalists, get to Goose Island to get your own reused bourbon barrel. The venn diagram for those two groups is probably just a circle…

-Do you love Minnesota, beer and blogs that cover Minnesota exclusively? Then this shirt is for you.

-More beer for the good people of Indiana! Bare Hands expects to open soon.

-Finally, gift ideas for that special person who likes to support Chicago artists. Great stuff.

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  1. I am a bearded tasting noter! Cheers… Chip @ BTV

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