Suds: December 5

Today marks the 78th anniversary of a new era in American brewing: December 5th, 1933 was the end of Prohibition. While the number of independent brewers were on the decline leading up to 1919, the 18th Amendment decimated the brewing business altogether. Very few breweries survived the ban on alcohol leaving it up to them to supply the skyrocketing demand for suds. The era was also tainted with the blood of organized crime lords like the infamous Al Capone and the federal agents that sought to bust up their underground operations. Brewing has bounced back and the American beer scene is getting better by the year, making even the Europeans jealous.

– Happy Repeal Day! Learn more about the Prohibition at the official website.

– Shorts Brewing out of Michigan has two brews hitting shelves soon.

– Kuehnhenn Brewing Co., also out of Michigan, announces biggest release yet for their Winter Solstice.

– A man survived for three days on beer, and it wasn’t the Part-Time Monk.

– One man’s spoiled wine is another man’s Flemish Red: cracking the brettanomyces gene code.

– We at the MwBC would have picked Schlitz, but see who represents the Badgers in the BCS Beer Bowl matchups.

– I’m guessing the Ale Jail is featuring Capital Brewing Co. at their St. Paul store tomorrow, but either way, check out these fun tastings lined up.  

– Minnesotans were either overjoyed or heartbroken last week when Winterfest tickets went on sale.

Five Rabbit Brewing’s Local Tap Takeover at Jake Melnick’s on Wednesday.

What beer will you be drinking to celebrate Repeal Day? Tweet your choice to us @MidwestBeer or hit us up on Facebook.


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  1. Anthony Cefali

    Happy repeal day! Unless you live in the District:–_repeal_day_is.php

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