Suds: December 9

Hey, I know it’s a little early to start thinking about this, but you should build a wetland. Don’t know how? EPA has you covered.

As a libation to thermodynamics and net-zero, sustainable living, grab yourself some Zombie Dust from 3Floyds.

-MN drinkers, head to the Golden Nugget.

-Interesting pick for the Chicago Tribune’s beer of the month.

-Big fan of Goose Island’s speciality brews? Live in Indiana? Bad news, my friends…

-Another great recipe from our friend over at the Girl and Her Beer, featuring Half Acre.

-Not everyone will get a Bear Hug this year.

-You will not find me at any of these bars. They do look nice though.

Point Beer adds help to meet rising demand. I used to spend a considerable amount of time at the Weary Traveler in Madison, where you always knew the cheapskate by how many bottles of Point Special they had sitting at their table (frequently, it was my table).

-Northern Brewer has been giving us some solid web content lately. Kudos to them for being an all-around beer juggernaut.

-Finally, the Muppets are everything that’s wrong with America. Tex Richman? Obviously a metaphor for the Keystone Pipeline debates and an attempt to brainwash our kids. My honest thoughts are that none of the people on that broadcast were hugged much as children.

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