Suds: December 12

Half way between the Orpheum and the Old Fashioned after leaving the Bon Iver concert, on a crisp night I came across this on the sidewalk. What might have gone unnoticed as just another Madison chalk drawing now had the unifying force of Midwestern friendship. It was a special weekend, one that won’t be forgotten in a long time. Let’s crack open a Schlitz and toast the Midwest, our home and our soul.

– More tastings at the Ale Jail: Lagunitas coming up tomorrow.

– Have an idea for the best burger ever? Submit it to the Blue Door Pub and maybe it will be the next Burger of the Month to be washed down with their delicious selection of craft beer.

– North Peak Brewing has a holiday beer named Blitzen Festivus Ale. Let the airing of grievances begin.

– Looks like Christmas came early for Point Brewing. They got that new brewmaster they asked for.

– The Isthmus Beer and Cheese Fest is back on January 21. Get your tickets now!

– Michigan has their Winter Beer Fest on February 25 in Comstock Park, MI.

– Another beer fest and homebrew contest is happening in St. Paul on January 28. It’s the Winter Carnival Beer Dabbler.

– More information on Southern Illinois’ newest brewing company, Scratch Brewing.

– If anything can make Rick Santorum the favorite in the polls it’d be beer. It hasn’t helped, but if anything could it would be beer.

Fall in love with the Midwest this week, however you see fit. Tweet @MidwestBeer with your favorite parts of being Midwestern.


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